Mission statement

Ethical principles

People dealing with our business can expect an honest, sincere, trustworthy and tolerant partner. We treat everybody with respect. Politeness and friendliness are written into our DNA. We do not discriminate and we do not repress.


Willingness to provide a service, commitment and motivation, and identification with the company, all contribute to job safety at Alphamed. Our company stands for a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work. Every employee is given the same chances to succeed. We encourage every employee to achieve specific goals according to his/her individual potential and the requirements of the business. We protect our employees from personal attacks within this company. We believe loyalty should be mutual.


The customer is the company’s greatest corporate asset. Having customers guarantees success today and in the future. That’s why we provide a fast and reliable service tailored to each customer’s needs. Our customers can rely on us to listen carefully, to be friendly and to provide the necessary expertise. The relationship with each customer is based on good chemistry – and trust.


Our suppliers are an indispensable component of our success. We develop friendly and collaborative, long-standing and ongoing relationships with our suppliers. Adherence to agreements is a matter of principle at Alphamed.


We equate quality with the smooth running of business processes throughout the entire operation; and with the faultless condition of our products. We regularly check our performance and processes via internal audits, thus creating strong awareness of quality right across the business.


We aim to achieve continual growth of our market position. Our competitors provide us with challenges and the motivation to achieve our goals. Quality, integrity, trust, experience and reliability are vital to the achievement of our desired market position.